Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How to register this challenge?
A: To participate the Video Relation Challenge this year, each team shall create an account on biendata ( and a participant team.

Q2: What is the submission flow?
A: After registering a participant team in biendata (, you can submit the prediction result by clicking "Make a submission" icon on the left.

Q3: Is there any limit on the number of submissions?
A: Yes, for each team, there is a submission limit of one submission per day.

Q4: When will the submission server fully open for submission?
A: On 27 April.

Q5: Why is the final score different from the one seen in the submission server?
A: This is because the submission server computes the scores for test submissions over a confidential subset of the test set, in order to avoid parameter tuning against the test set. However, the final score is computed over the full test set offline.